Advanced Batter Breading Technology Seminar

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Advanced Batter & Breading Technology Seminar (May 12 14) is the 2nd in a series of high profile food technology seminars sponsored in 2010 by Food Technical Consulting. The seminar will be taught by Dr. Darrel Suderman, co-author of the original book called Batter and Breading Technology. Dr. Suderman, an international expert on battered/breaded chicken products, has taught this class at least 20 times across the United States and the United Kingdom. The course will teach the basics of flours used in batter and breading development, and the manufacture of various breading materials. It will also cover ingredient technology, product technology, and process technology. The course will provide a unique blend of scientific principles, practical applications, problem solving, and equipment demonstrations. This seminar will be beneficial to bench-top development scientists, R&D Managers, and sales and marketing people who work in this multibillion dollar industry. Please register at

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