Meat Poultry Product Innovation Workshop

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New Meat & Poultry Product Innovation Workshop & Throwdown Seminar (June 17-18) is the 3rd in a series of high profile food technology seminars sponsored in 2010 by Food Technical Consulting. The seminar will be co-taught by Ed Janos, gold medal winning Certified Master Chef, and Gene Gagliardi, inventor of popular Flat Iron steak, Popcorn Chicken, and holder of over 40 U.S. patents on various innovative meat cuts. Innovative products will be developed with pork, beef, chicken, and turkey to be followed by a class throwdown competition. Each attendee can expect to take back to their company at least 6 new meat product recipes. Please register early  because class size is limited so that each attendee has one-on-one time with these industry talents. Pre-register at And continue to follow our newsletters for our next innovative meat workshop entitled Natural and Organic Wild Game New Product Innovation.

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