Real-Time Manufacturing Performance Management (RTMPM)

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As a CEO, have you ever asked yourself How can I drive additional production efficiencies and profitability from existing food manufacturing production lines and be able to visualize that performance on my iPhone or Blackberry?. Over 5 years ago, my consulting company developed, implemented, tested, proved, and trademarked a Business Process Improvement Model called Real-Time Manufacturing Performance Management that integrates plant floor performance data to the ERP sytem with real-time performance results based on pre-established KPIs. This model was implemented in the first meat and poultry company that ever sold fresh poultry in the United States over 5 years ago. It can be used with any ERP, MES, or SCADA software system. This concept becomes the business reason for any IT project within a food manufacturing company, and becomes the basis for proven ROIs. This concept can also become the basis for Lean Manufacturing and Lean Distribution project initiatives within your company. For further information, please contact me at Food Technical Consulting at

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