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Welcome. I started this site because I have a passion for helping food and beverage companies grow consistent sales and profit through continuous quality and business process improvement against KPI performance metrics and other integrated business sytems and processes. Our international consulting company (Food Technical Consulting) specializes in assisting food and beverage companies recognized as #1 brand categories achieve significant and continuous sales and profit growth through improved business and manufacturing improvements. We provide C-level executive consulting as well as integrated plant floor-to-ERP software systems assessment, technology selection, and integration services based on KPI, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Logistics, and The Balanced Scorecard principles. Manufacturing consulting is based on Manufacturing Enterprise Architecture Modeling (MEAM).

Need help in implementing a synchronized new product development and product commercialization process between R&D, Marketing, and Operations departments? No problem! We helped a leading $1.3B QSR chain just complete 5 consecutive years of same store topline sales growth and yearly record EBITDA profit growth. We enjoy these challenges and successes!te

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