1. Executive Business Consulting
    1. Food Technical Consulting (FTC) provides Executive C-level business consulting to help organizations:
          • Align business processes. For example, help companies synchronize their new product development process with the strategic marketing process. By doing this, FTC helped a prominent restaurant chain drive five (5) consecutive years of same store sales growth and record EBITDA profit growth.
          • Identify and define business KPIs. For example, FTC helped one manufacturing executive team identify and reach executive agreement on business KPIs across all departments affected by a new integrated IT systems implementation.
  2. Interim Manager/Director/Vice President Placement
    1. FTC identifies and qualifies interim Manager, Director, and Vice President candidates to fill short term business technical and management roles within Food & Beverage manufacturing companies and QSR restaurant chains for the following reasons. This service compliments the current Human Resource program.
          • Bridge temporary or permanent recruiting gaps
          • Manage sudden vacancies due to resignations, death, illness, maternity leave, etc.
          • Managing turnarounds
          • Taking charge of specific projects or launching a new product or service
          • Part-time management when a full-time role is not warranted
          • “Test-Drive” potential permanent candidates
          • Post merger and acquisition management
          • Applying special expertise or knowledge on projects that is outside a company’s core competency
  3. Independent Project Review and Advisement
    1. Many times companies ask competing firms to prepare competing project proposals, but desire an outside “independent review” from someone with deep, proven experience within the Food & Beverage industry vertical. For example, a company may receive competing multimillion dollar software proposals, but wish to mitigate investment risk by hiring an independent consultant with deep food and beverage experience to critique and “ask questions with a fresh set of eyes” regarding the proposals before making a final decision.
      • Business Process Management & Mapping (BPM)
      • Project Management
      • KPI Development Workshops
      • R&D/Marketing New Product Process & Strategy Synchronization
      • Integrated Manufacturing Systems Seminars
      • Integrated Supply Chain Strategy Seminars


      • Research and Development Expertise
      • Food Safety /Quality Assurance Expertise
      • Technical Project Manager Management