Food Technical Consulting (FTC) partners with QSR restaurant chain, convenience store, and other hospitality executives and technical managers to develop and commercialize new product innovation using our trademarked “FastTrac™ New Product Commercialization Process that cuts 50% off normal development time. New product innovation begins with our trademarked “Strategate Product Innovation Ideation™” Sessions. Culinary innovation is led by a gold medal winning Certified Master Chef, while all technical, food safety, and quality assurance issues are signed-off by a high profile technical team that includes M.S. and PhD food scientists who compliment our culinary innovation. FTC will also facilitate new product “focus groups” or structured Consumer Research Guidance tasting sessions as needed.

Once the product has been conceptualized, FTC takes leadership of plant scale-up and final cost optimization. For example, we co-developed an innovative new chicken product at a Top 10 QSR restaurant chain that resulted in $20M gross profit during a 6 week promotion in 8 weeks, and developed a chicken value sandwich for another chain in only 8 days! – and both products remain on the menu to this day! FTC also specializes in food cost reduction initiatives on existing products. At one Top 10 QSR restaurant chain, we worked with the existing executives to reduce food costs approximately $2M annually.


  • New Product Ideation & Strategy Workshops using Strategate Methodology™
  • New Culinary Product Innovation by Certified Master Chef (CMC)
  • FastTrac™ New Product Commercialization
  • New Product Plant Scale-Up Services
  • 2nd Supplier Sourcing
  • Ready-to-Eat, Ready-to-Cook, & Ready to Heat To-Go Food Product/Meal Development
  • Batter & Breaded Poultry, Meat, Seafood, & Vegetable Product Innovation
  • Food Cost Reduction Initiatives


  • Product Quality Improvement Projects
  • Plant Processing Product Testing & Process Optimization