Food Technical Consulting (FTC) offers Crisis Management Services that manage USDA, FSIS or FDA product recalls and quarantines at the supplier, distribution center, and restaurant store levels. Other services include pathogenic contamination troubleshooting and supplier plant clean-up during the crisis management process. FTC will also develop and implement statistically-based product recall sampling plans that can be used in court-of-law to defend the recall process and protect the brand’s integrity. As needed, FTC will identify nearby pathogenic analysis laboratories and coordinate product pick-up and delivery to those testing laboratories. We also offer cost-effective Legal Witness Experts to help our clients meet any legal needs.

Upon recall crisis completion phase, FTC completes a “’Farm-to-Fork’ Supply Chain Food Safety GAP Assessment” across multiple “Lines of Defenses” to determine product, process, personnel, and information technology system failures and corrective action requirements. FTC was the first consulting company to develop an integrated farm-to-fork food tracking and tracing system that includes both integrated plant manufacturing IT systems and electronic quality data management (EQDM) processes and systems. One unique value-added consulting feature is our “Food Safety Process Operations Simulations Modeling” technology that enables us to model the entire food safety and quality assurance processes within an entire company.

FTC also actively assembles “FOOD SAFETY ADVISORY BOARDS” with experts from diverse fields as an outside independent audit group to critique current food safety programs as an extra layer of brand protection. These teams are usually comprised of microbiological experts, HACCP experts, quality IT systems experts, and food scientist. We believe this concept represents a trend of the future for food manufacturing companies.


  • Product Recall Management & Troubleshooting